All Trombone Band arrangements are £15 unless otherwise stated.

These titles are scored for 5 trombones and rhythm. The majority of them have been written for, featured by and recorded or broadcast by Mark Nightingale's BONE STRUCTURE.

Bone-a-Part (Martin Yates) Bossa
Bone Idle Rich, the (Ken Woodman) Bright swing
Bone Structure (Alec Gould) Bright
Bossa for Five (Ed Harvey) Bossa
Bowbrigg Rendezvous (Norman Moy) Bright
Cëu Jimi (John Clark) Latin
Crunch for Lunch (Mark Bassey) Shuffle
Five Brothers (Alan Hare) Bright Latin
Hallo, Ween (Terry Cathrine) Bright
Imaginary Mirror (John Warren) Fast
Indian Summer (Victor Herbert, arr. Trevor Vincent) Medium-up
In the Bleak (Holst; arr. Mark Nightingale) Bright Latin
Kid Shifter Blues (Mark Nightingale) Medium
Lantern Wood (John Warren) Slow
Latin Line, a (Norman Moy) Bright Latin
Lieberstraum (Listz, arr. Adrian Drover) Slow waltz
Lift Off (Alan Hare) Medium
Looking Back (Derek Goom, arr. Nightingale) Ballad
Loud Mouse (Mike Brown) Jazz rock
Modal T (Trevor Vincent) Bright
Nighthawks (Norman Moy) Slow ballad
Owed to a Nightingale (Alec Gould) Ballad
Outlaws (Paul Hart) Bossa
Pookey Funk (Richard Edwards, Fayaz Virji) Funk
Sambatical (Ray Chester) Bright Latin
Shady Lady (Mark Travers) Slow blues
Sometimes I Do (Ed Harvey) Rock
Structural Changes (Bill Charleson) Bright
That Rings a Bell (Terry Cathrine) Moderate
Time, Gentlemen Please (John Clark) Bright
Times A'changin' (Ed Harvey) Fast
Touch of Canda, a (Chris Smith) Slow rock ballad
Typical (Martin Yates, Bob Hughes) Medium
Vatican Roulette (John Clark) Bright, 'rhythm' changes
Velvet Mood (Chris Smith) Slow ballad
What Goes Up May Come Down (Terry Cathrine) Moderate
When I'm With You (Bill Ashton, arr. Alec Gould) Medium

Note    Black Velvet (Alec Gould) from Big Band Series A can be played with just 5 trombones & rhythm.