All the undermentioned suites exist as individual titles and are playable independently, but are listed in this way for the benefit of such ensembles as may have an important concert at which they would like to feature a major work.

Concerto for Organ & Jazz Orchestra (Paul Hart)

Concerto for Guitar & Jazz Orchestra (Paul Hart)

These are available, but are extremely difficult. Please ring for details.

Life's Suite (Mark Armstrong)

Clear Blue Water (Mark Armstrong) Slowish Flügel
Innocent Bystanders (Mark Armstrong) Slowish Flügel
Composite Motion (Mark Armstrong) Bright Flügel, soprano

Out of Hamelin (Paul Hart)

As featured by NYJO at An Army Mutters the Millennium Youth Prom

No Evil Star
Three notes on the Enraptured Air
Paying the Piper

The Portraits Suite (all titles by Harry South)

Buddy Bright blues 2 Tenors, alto, trumpet, drums
Bird Bright Bebop Bright alto
Basie Medium slow blues Piano, trumpet, trombone
Dizzie Medium bright Latin Trumpet & percussion
Duke I Slow ballad Baritone
Duke II Medium-up Trumpet, clarinet
Kenton Slow Trumpet, trombone
Monk Medium blues Tenor, flute
Quincy Bright rock & swing Tenor, flute, piano, tpt, guitar
Woody Very bright Sax section

Remembrance (Concerto Grosso by Paul Hart)

Part I (for Jim)   Flute, piano
Part II (for Chris & Eamonn)   Trumpet, alto
Part III (for Charlie & Kenny)   Flute, piano
Part IV (for the Lads at Deal) Slow piccolo Trumpet, tenor, piccolo
Part V (for Hazel & Dudley) * £30 *   Flute, piano, Whole band plays percussion

Sherwood Forest Suite (Paul Hart)

Fanfair for Robin    
Sherwood Forest Medium Soprano
Lincoln Green Bright blues Piano, trumpet
Maid Marion Slow ballad Flügel
Sheriff of Nottingham Rock 7/4 Guitar
The Minstrel's Lay 7/8 bossa Violin (could be adapted for clarinet or soprano
Bishop's Move Bright Tenor
Outlaws Bright bossa Trombone
The Last Arrow Bright rock Alto

A Theme & Deviations (Paul Hart) (Based on Beethoven's Für Elise)

Elise or Else Bright Tenor
Elise's Dream Slow Flute & alto
I Feel Sure Bright Soprano, tenor
Double Booked in the Park Slow then fast Tpt then quasi Dixieland fr. line
Miss Malfatti, I Presume Slow ballac Flügel
Elise Got Rhythm * £ 21 * Bright Trumpet, 2 tenors
Blüs für Elise * £ 21 * Slow then fast Alto then 2 trombones