All arrangements cost £25 unless otherwise stated.

Arrangements are scored for 5 trumpets, 5 trombones, 5 saxophones, 4 rhythm.

Most also have flute, french horn (optional)

Most have lead sheets, but where no lead sheet exists, it is always possible to purchase full scores.

Aardvark (Paul Higgs) Bright Latin Trombone
Adeus Tristeza (Fernando Tordo) Slow Latin Flügel, Guitar
Afterburner (Alan Hare) Bright swing Tenor, trombone, piano
Afterthought (Harry South) Bright swing Transcribed solo
Albufeira (Steve Titchener) Bright blues Piano, tenor, tbn, tpt
All But One (Dick Walter) Bright swing Alto feature
Almost There (Anthony Adams) Slow Rock Guitar
Along Came Benny (Steve Duro) Medium Up Features trumpet, alto, tenor
Amelia (Jamie Anderson) Slow ballad Tenor
And Henry Guards the Door (Gerry Smith) Fast blues Can feature anyone
Andromeda (Ronnie Ross, arr. Bill Charleson) Slow ballad Baritone
Anita (J Ruddick arr. M Williams) Bright Latin Flügel
Are We Keeping You Up Sir? (Dick Walter) * £21 * Medium blues Pno, tbn, tpt, tnr, drums (exc. unaccompanied sax soli)
Astra Brazilia (Stee Titchener) Bright Latin Trombone, baritone, drums
The Audient Was On Its Foot (Bill Charleson) Bright Trumpet, alto, drums, bass
Australian Opener (Rick Taylor) Fast Trombone, tenor
Baby Bird (Gerry Boyce) Medium swing 2 Flugels
Bach With Bite (Paul Hart) Bright Swing All written
Back Again (Dankworth, Lindup) Bright Any soloist
Back to Basie (Steve Parry) Slow swing Trumpet
Bali - Who? (Paul Higgs) Bright Latin/swing Open solos, drums
Ballad for Anne Boleyn (Tim Garland) Slow ballad Tenor, guitar
Ballad for Bing (David Lindup) Trumpet ballad Written solo
Ballad for Brigitte (Alan Hare) Slow Ballad Baritone, full score
Ballot Box (Mark Armstrong) Rock Tenor, guitar
Bangers, Mash & Peas (Ken Gibson) Rock Trombone
Behind the Gasworks (Mark Bassey) Bright swing Trumpet, alto
Bess, You Is My Woman Now (Gershwin, arr. David Lindup) Slow ballad Tenor or baritone
Bess, You Is My Woman Now (Gershwin, arr. Barry Forgie) Slow ballad Bass, trombone
Beyond the Bar (John Patrick) Medium Mostly ensemble
Beyond the Hatfield Tunnel (Paul Hart) * £21 * Bright Sop. or tnr + gtr or pno
Big Mama (Stephen Parry) 'Stripper' feel Trumpet
Bitter from the Wood (Dave Horler) Bright Flügel, tbn, tenor
Black Eyed Peas (Harry South) Slow Rock Trumpet, tenor
Blenkinsop's Blues (Bill Ashton) Medium Trombone, bass, trumpet
Blood Orange (Bill Ashton) Bright swing Tnr, tbn, alto, bari, gtr.
Blowing Hills (Rick Taylor, Kim Lesley) Bright rock Piano, guitar
Blue Dolphin (Alec Gould) Slow ballad Alto feature
Blues Called Blues (Ed Harvey) Slow Altos, trumpet, tenor
Blues for Bill Basie (Pete Jeffries) Medium slow Tenor feature
Blues for Duke (Alan Hare) Slow then fast Tenor, trombone
Blues for Mike (Alan Hare) Slow Baritone
Blues für Elise (Paul Hart) Fast blues Alto, 2 trombones
Blues Two (Alan Hare) Medium blues 2 trumpets
Bom Dia, Roseira (Rosie A) (Anthony Adams) Slow ballad Guitar
Bones for Basie (Alan Hare) Fast 2 Trombones
Bone Idle Rich (Ken Woodman) Bright Trombone section feature
Bone Shaker (Alan Hare) Fast 4 Trombones
Bone Structure (Alec Gould) Bright Trombone section, written solo
Borrowed Time (Colwell, arr. Chris Smith) Ballad Alto feature
Bristol Cream (Ed Harvey) Med. Basie swing Trumpet
Bruised Blues (Chris Smith) Medium blues Pno, tpt, 2 tnrs, 2 tbns
Bud (Monty Warlock, arr. Chris Smith) Fast Piano feature
Buffle Off to Shuffalo (Tony Faulkner) Medium shuffle Trombone, alto
But Not for Me (Gershwin, arr. Steve Duro) Bright Trumpet, tenor
Cai Fora (Fernando Tordo, arr. Josh Daniels) Medium Piano
Cannonball (John Dankworth) Med. jazz waltz Alto feature
Cartaz de Rua (Fernando Tordo, arr. Josh Daniels) Slow Tenor, flügel
Charnock Richard (Alan Hare) Bright swing Tenor, trombone, bari, tpt
Cheese'n'Carrots (Chris Smith) Bright swing Alto, trumpet, guitar
Chef's Rash Has Cleared Up Nicely, the (Paul Higgs) Slow ballad Piano
Clear Blue Water (Mark Armstrong) Slowish Flügel
Clearway (John Dankworth) Bright 3/2 Features alto
Cobwebs (Alan Branscombe, arr. Craig, Hart) Bright swing Piano feature
Cockpit (Dick Walter) Slow rock Tenor
Composite Motion (Mark Armstrong) Bright Flügel, soprano
Concrete Cows (Chris Smith) Bright Latin Alto, trumpet
Cookin' With Gas (Chris Smith) Medium blues Guitar, tenor, trumpet
Cop This (Trevor Vincent) Medium rock Trumpet, tenor
Cottoning On (Matt Wates) Jazz waltz Tenor
Cupid's Dream (Keith Mansfield) Medium Trombone ftr, tpt, tbn solos
Curtain Up (John Dankworth) Fast blues Solos all round
Dallab (Kenny Wheeler) Slow ballad Flügel, trombone & piano
Dear John (Dick Walter) Slow ballad Trombone feature
Dearly Beloved (Jerome Kern, arr. Andy Vinter) Bright Alto feature
Debbie Jayne (Martyn A Cook) Rock ballad Flügel & tenor
Destiny (Mark Nightingale) 3/4 ballad Trombone
Dialectics (John Dankworth) Slow rock Soprano, tenor
Different Colours (Allan Ganley) Slow Alto, piano, guitar
Don't Drink on an Empty Head (Steve Titchener) (New arrangement of Bean Bop) * £21 * Bright Tpt, alto, tnr, tbn, pno, drums
Don't Mention the Blues Medium Trombone, nice sax soli
Doxology (Alan Cohen) Slow 3/4 Solos all round
Dynamo (John Dankworth) * £21 * Bright swing Alto, tnr, tbn, tpt, pno
Easy Living (Rainger, arr. Martin Williams) Slow ballad Trombone feature
80 Not Out (Alec Gould) Latin 2 trombones
Eleven Plus (Mike Vickers) Bright 11/4 Can feature anyone
El Rey Pedro (José Bowen) (Salsalation) Bright Latin Tpt, piano (or gtr), tnr
El Sid (Steve Titchener) * £21 * Fast Latin Soprano, flügel
Embraceable You (Gershwin, arr. Ken Wheeler) Ballad Trumpet (or alto/tnr/tbn) feature
Eyes Down (Dick Walter) Fast Features tenor & drums
Faro Way (Jon Halton) Bright blues Guitar, trumpet
Fascinating Rhythm (Gershwin, arr. Barry Forgie) Bright Trumpet
50,000 Flies Can't Be Wrong (Steve Titchener) Bright swing Trumpet, alto
First Time I've Seen Dead People Smoke (Mark Bassey) Slow ballad Alto feature
Fleet (Mark Nightingale) *£21 * (Smokey Eyes) Bright swing Trumpet, alto
Flight of the Heart (Bill Charleson) Ballad Clarinet
Flying Fox (Mike Nolan arr. Walter) Fast Two tenor roar-up
Foggy Day (Gershwin, arr. Josh Daniels) * £ 21 * Medium-up Alto
Foggy Day, a (Gershwin, arr. Steve Titchener) * £21 * Medium-up Trumpet, tenor
Foldback (Bill Charleson) Fast blues Tenor then anyone
Footsie (Ken Woodman) Medium slow Written alto solo
For Ken (Alan Hare) Slow, then fast Trombone feature
For Starters (Dick Walter) Medium-up blues Any soloist
47 Frith Street (Dave Foster, arr. Steve Parry) Bright Latin/swing Flute, (pno or gtr), drums
Fourth Bridge (Alan Hare) Medium Trombone, baritone
Fox Fur (Alan Hare) Med 'Basie' groove 2 trombones
Full Score (Terry Cathrine) Bossa Tenor & piano
Gasanova (Paul Higgs) Bright bossa Flügel & drums
Gas Mark II (Bill Ashton, Mick Sheppard) Medium Trombone, bass
Gatecrasher (Brooke, Kingsland) Heavy rock All written
General Custer's Retreat (Paul Hart) Bright Violin (or clarinet/soprano)
Gentle Jim (Allan Ganley) Medium Trumpet, 2 tenors
Gerryatrics (Gerry Smith) Fast blues Any soloist
Gerryonimo the 4th (Ken Wheeler) Bright Soprano saxophone
Getting Down To It (Bill Ashton, arr. Ashton, Hare) Medium blues Trombone, trumpet, tenor
The Goblin (Harry South) Medium swing Alto, tenor, piano
Going Dutch (Chris Smith) Fast 2-tenor feature
Going for a Burton (Alan Hare) Fast Baritone feature
Going Through The Motions (G Smith) Medium Blues Mostly ensemble
Good to be Here (Philip Beaumont) Bright rock Alto, guitar
Greasy Spoon (John Cameron) Medium rock Alto, guitar
Groovin' with Gas (Adrian Bullers) * £21 * Medium-up swing Tenor
Guarachamos (Martin Williams) Medium-up Vocal, alto
Gynaecology (Alec Gould) Bright swing Alto, trombone, tenor
Half-Man (Barry Forgie) Bright swing Trumpet, alto, trombone
Half Steps (Paul Higgs) Latin Alto, tbn, pno, tpt, drums
Hallmark (Cliff Hall, arr. Mark Nightingale) * £21 * Bright Latin Two trombones
Happy Katz (Paul Hart) Bright shuffle Tenor, violin
Have You Met Paul Jones? (Martin Williams) Medium-up Vocal, alto
Have You Seen Them Cakes? (Josh Daniels) Medium rock Trumpet, alto, drums
Headache (Martin Williams) Bright Alto, trumpet
Heads or Tails (Martin Williams) Jazz waltz Trombone, baritone
He's Just My Bill (Mark Nightingale) Basie swing Tbn section, trombone solo
High-Speed Gas (Ken Woodman) Very fast Tenor
Hipflask (Daryl Runswick) Bright rock Written/solo chords cued
Honey Dew Melon (John Dankworth) Bright swing Pno, tpt, tenor, tbn, alto
Hot Gospel (Bill Charleson) Medium Baritone, trombone
Hot & Sweaty (Martin Williams) * £21 * Medium funk Solos for all 5 saxes
How Long Has This Been Going On? (Gershwin, arr. J Clark) Medium Trumpet, tenor
How Long Has This Been Going On? (arr. Pat Gazzard) Medium/fast Trombone
Idle Eyes (Henry Collins) Medium Latin Flüge, piano
I Feel Sure (Paul Hart) Bright Soprano, tenor
I Have Been Here Before (Alec Gould) Ballad Tenor
I'll Never Forget (Mark Nightingale, arr. Mark Bassey) Slowish Trombone
Imaginary Mirror (John Warren) Bright Tenor, trumpet
In a Daze (Matt O'Regan) Medium Trumpet solo
In Control (Steve Duro) Slow blues Tenor, tpt, tbn, piano
Indiana (McDonald:Hanley, arr. John Dankworth) Bright Alto
In the Hour Before Dawn (Mick Sheppard) Slow rock ballad Alto
I Remember the X-Men (Gareth Lockrane) Medium Flute, tenor
I Remember Tracy (Mark Nightingale, Mark Bassey) Slow ballad Alto
I Remember You (Shertzinger arr. José Bowen) Bright Alto, tbn, tpt, flt (or pno)
Istanbul Now (Duncan Lamont) Bright Can feature anyone
It Never Rains (Malcolm Macfarlane) Slow rock Guitar
I've Got a Crush On You (Gershwin, arr. Alec Gould) Slow ballad Baritone
Jack of Harts (Paul Hart) Slow ballad Flügel feature
Java Generation, the (Martin Williams) Medium-up Piano, tenor, trumpet
Jim's Weasel (Jamie Anderson) Medium Piano
John's Jape (David Lindup) Bright Piano, baritone
Just for George (Barry Forgie) Bright swing Drum feature
Keep Looking Young-Hang Around with Old People (Paul Hart) Bright Tenor, trumpet, alto
Kids from Red House, the (Bill Ashton) Very fast Tenor, flute
Kiss the Bass Goodbye (Shertzinger arr. K Woodman) Brightish Bass feature, mostly written
Kosher Horses, the (Bill Ashton, arr. Martin Williams) Bright swing Alto, bari, tbn, tpt, tenor
Last Orders (Harry South) Fast blues Solos all round
Late Night Blues (Steve Parry) Sleasy swing Alto
LBG (Alan Hare) Medium-up swing Piano
Legless in Garstang (Philip Beaumont) Br. pop feel Flügel, written solo
Lifted (Rick Taylor) Bright Tenor, guitar
Lift Off (Alan Hare) Medium Tenor, baritone
Li'il Jeannie (Alec Gould) Medium slow Tenor, written solo
Lincoln Green (Paul Hart) Fast blues Piano, trumpet
Little People, the (Dick Walter) Medium-up swing Tenor, trumpet, sax solo
Londonderry Air, the (arr. Dick Walter) Medium slow All written or could feature tbn.
Long, Hot Summer (Oliver Ledbury) Slow ballad Tenor
Looking Back (Derek Goom, arr. Nightingale) Slow ballad Trombone solo
Love Walked In (Gershwin, arr. Ken Wheeler) * £21 * Medium Tenor
Luton Hoo (Chris Smith) Bright blues Pno, gtr, saxes
Magen's Bay (Chris Smith) Slow Guitar feature
Maltese Cross (Paul Higgs) Bright swing Soprano or tenor
Man I Love, the (Gershwin, arr. Alec Gould) Fast Sax section + 2 trombones
Marrakesh (Paul Higgs) Latin Soprano
Marianne (Martin Bunce) Slow rock Flugelhorn feature
Marston Pedigree (Adrian Bullers) Medium-up swing 2 Tenors
Mickay (Ken Wheeler) Slowish Flügel feature
Midnight Newsroom (Paul Higgs) Medium Latin 2 flugels
Midnight Oil (Trevor Vincent) Very slow Trumpet, written solo
Miles Away (Mick Sheppard) Jazz waltz Flügel
Minstrel's Lay (Paul Hart) 7/8 bossa Violin
Miss Pankhurst Protests (Alan Hare) Medium Trombone, written solo
Montechoro (Ken Woodman) Bright Guitar, tenor, tpt, bari, tbn
Montes de Alvor (Out of Town) (Anthony Adams) Half-feel rock Trumpet, alto
Moon Mood (John Dankworth) Slow Guitar
Morocco Bound (John Dankworth, arr. Ken Wheeler) Medium bossa Trombone feasture
Moten Swing (Moten / Skinner) Medium swing Baritone
Motoring (Brian Priestley) Bright rock Tenor or any soloist
Mr BG (Mark Nightingale) Bright 40s style Clarinet
La Muchacha de Colombia (Martin Williams) Bright Latin Trumpet, tenor
My Old Man (Bill Charleson) * £21 * Very fast Tenor, good sax soli
Naomi (Ray Chester) Slow rock Baritone, written solo
Neale's Yard (Martin Wiliams) Medium-up Flute
Nesticosis (Kenny Woodman) Medium  
Never the Twain (Matt Wates) Bright 2 Altos
New Forest (David Lindup) Medium Alto
New Tyme Waltz (Harry South) Jazz waltz Alto, piano
Nice Work If You Can Get It (Gershwin, arr. Josh Daniels) Very fast Tenor
Night is a Pup, the (Stan Barker, arr. Alan Hare) Medium 2 Trumpet feature
Night Slide (Paul Higgs) Bright Latin Guitar, alto, trumpet, drums
Nobody Comes To My House (Dave Hancock) Jazz rock Solos all round
No Hair - Just a Red Head (Geoff Castle) Bright 7/4 Guitar, alto
Nookering the Umtargartie (Ken Gibson) 7/4 rock Alto, piano
Norwich Union (Brad/Elliot Mason) Bright swing Trumpet, trombone
Nothing Like a Thane (Alan Hare) Slow ballad, then fast Alto feature
Not Really (Adrian Bullers) Medium-up Tenor
Now I Hear You (Ray Davies) Slow 12/8 Flügel
NYJO (Ed Harvey) Bright Rock Solos for anyone
Off Duty (John Dankworth) Slow rock Written, can insert solos
Off Shore Peers (Dave Peers) Jazz waltz/Latin Flügel, tenor
Okay With Jay (Jay Craig) Medium blues Baritone
One Early Morning (Alec Gould) Medium Basie groove Tenor
One for Oscar (Andy Vinter) Bright swing Piano
Opening Time (Dick Walter) Bright swing Dr. ftr, All written
Our Love is Here To Stay (Martin P Williams) Medium-up Clarinet or trumpet
Out of Sight, Out of Mind (Gerry Smith) Slow ballad Trumpet
Overdue Due Blues (Jon Halton) Shuffle blues Alto, tbn
Overture & Out (Dick Walter) Medium blues All written
Paich Melba (Stephen Duro) Bright West Coast Trumpet, alto, piano
Parkinson's Law (Jeff Scott) Fast blues Tenor feature
Paying My Tax (Alan Cohen) Bright 1920s 2 tpts, tbn, tuba, 4 sax, rhythm
Pedro's Walk (Ian Hamer) Bright jazz waltz Tenor, drums
Penelope (Ron Waterworth) Slow Latin Trombone feature
Perfumed Garden, the (Ken Gibson) Slow Latin Flügel
Poojyn (Steve Gray) Medium blues Piano feature
Portimao (Athony Adams) Bright Latin Piano, trombone
Portrait of an Abstract (John Dankworth, arr. Tony Russell) Slow Latin Flügel & trombone
Praia do Vau (Anthony Adams) (3 Days Running) Fast Trumpet, drums
Raising the Standard (Oliver Ledbury) Bright Clarinet or flute
Quick Sticks (Trevor Vincent) Bright blues Trumpet, tenor, drums
Quinto do Lago (Mark Nightingale) * £21 * Bright Latin Four trombones
Reepicheep (Dick Walter) Medium-up blues Solos all round
Reprieve (Dick Walter) Slow Latin Flügel & trombone
Return Trip (Harry South) Bright rock Several short solos
Revenge is Sweet (Steve Parry) Bright 3 Trombones
Revenge of the Amoebae (David O'Higgins) Reggae Keyboard & soprano
Riffin' the Griffin (Josh Daniels) Medium rock Tenor, trumpet
Robbers of Vissenberg (Chris Smith) Bright Alto, trombone, trumpet, piano
Rodeo (Paul Hart) Bright All written (needs 2 sopranos)
Rosie A (Anthony Adams) Slow ballad Guitar
Round Robin (Robin Smith) Bright Solos for piano & guitar
Roxy Beaujolais (Mark Nightingale) Slow ballad Flugelhorn
Salt & Pepper (Eddie Swan) Medium V. easy, all written
Samba Deeze Samba Doze (Rex Cadwallader) Bright samba Tenor
Samba for Cheryl (Adrian Bullers) Medium samba Piano, alto, trumpet, drums
Samuel Smith's Amazing Dancing Beer (John Cameron) Medium bright rock Trombone
Sandy Cove (Paul Higgs) Medium bossa Flügel, guitar, sax solo
Scott's Stomp (Adrian Bullers) Medium-up boogie Baritone (or tenor)
Sea Beaver (Rick Taylor) Bright Alto, piano
Seagulls Over Scunthorpe (Jan Van Giel) Bossa Flügel, soprano
Sea Island Samba (Andy Vinter) Bright samba Trumpet, flute, tenor
Seaside Scramble (Bill Charleson) Bright swing  
Seaside Stroll (Alan Hare) Medium slow Piano
Sixth Sense (Chris Smith) Ballad Trumpet
Six to One Bar (Harry South) Br. jazz waltz Alto, tenor, piano
Snakes & Ladders (Oliver Ledbury) * £21 * Bright Alto, guitar (or piano)
Sneaky Pete (Alan Hare) Medium Features piano
S.O. Blues (David Lindup) Medium slow Mostly ensemble; tr. of Dankworth's alto solo
Somebody Loves Me (David Lindup) Bright swing Trumpet, alto
Someone To Watch Over me (Gershwin, arr. Stephen Duro) Ballad Trombone
Song of India (John Dankworth) Bright Rock All written
Soon (Gershwin, arr. Bill Charleson) Medium Flügel
Sorta Ballad (Alan Downey) Sort of ballad All written, short trumpet solo
Sound of 17 (Harry South) Medium Easy, pno, tnr, tpt, tbn
Southern Horizons (Harry South) Bright Alto, tpt, pno, drums
Spreading the Word (Martin Williams) Gospel shuffle 2 Trumpets
Starburst (John Dankworth) Bright Alto
Step on the Gas (Jay Craig) as feat. by NYJO    
Stepping Stones (Martin Williams) Bright Tenor, trumpet
Stick Around (Alec Gould) Bright Fast drum feature
Still Doing the Trick with the Horse Madam? (Chris Smith) Bright Flügel, tenor, drums
Stretchin' Out (Steve Duro) Medium swing Trumpet, tenor
Suite Sophie (Gareth Lockrane) Ballad  
Suits Me (Paul Higgs) Slow rock ballad Alto feature
Summer Song (Colin Higginson) Medium bossa Guitar, 2 flugels
Sun Crest (Paul Higgs) Slow Latin Guitar feature
Swedie Pie (Jim Bethea) Medium swing V. easy, trumpet, piano
Sweet London Bridge (Stephen R Parry) Bright Tenor, piano
Sweet Yakkity Waltz (Ken Wheeler) Medium jazz waltz Flügel, tenor, guitar
Swivel Hips (Jim Bethea) Medium blues V. easy; tbn, alto, pno
S'Wonderfuel (Mark Nightingale) * £21 * Fast Two tenors (or 2 altos) - state preference
Syrup of Phiggs (Paul Higgs) Syrupy tenor ballad  
Take the C & A Trane (Chris Smith) Bright swing Good ensemble piece, excellent sax soli, trumpet & alto solos
Tara's Tuesday (Alan Hare) Slow ballad Trombone feature
Tears in Rain (Mark Armstrong) Ballad Tenor feature
Tenor Each Way (Alan Hare) Bright 2 tenors (or 4) - state preference
Tenors Racket (Martin Williams) Bright 2 tenors
That Old Peculiar Feeling (Alec Gould) Bright swing Alto, trumpet
They Can't Take That Away From Me (Gershwin arr. John Dankworth) Slow Piano, sax soli
Three for Tay (Rick Taylor) Slow / fast Latin 2 trumpets & trombones
Tina's Theme (Eddie Swann) Bossa All written
Tinker's Tune (Allan Ganley) Medium Piano, tenor
Tomorrow's Face (Bill Charleson) Bright shuffle Tenor, trumpet
Top Score (David Lindup, John Dankworth) Bright swing Alto, 2 tenors, trumpet
To Russia With Jazz (Bob Cranham) Exc. show stopper Alto, trombone, trumpet
To Set Before a Queen (Tony Faulkner) Slow ballad Tenor feature
Touch of Canda, a (Chris Smith) Slow ballad Flute feature
Tracey's Trip (Tony Russell) Medium swing Easy; excellent ex. in dynamics
Unison in All Things (Andy Panayi) Medium-up Any soloist and piano
U-Turn (Steve Titchener) Bright swing Piano, trumpet, tenor
Victoria Blue (Alec Gould) Nice ensemble piece Solos for alto, trumpet, tenor, trombone, piano, drums
View from the Hill, a (Andy Vinter) Bright Latin Piano
Villamoura (Steve Gray) Ballad Tenor
Wade in the Water (Dick Walter) Bright rock Pno feature. All written. Could easily be opened up
Waiting for Morgan (Paul Hart) Medium-up Bass feature
Walkabout (Alec Gould) Medium swing Flügel feature; written solo
Walkin' with the Blues (Jim Bethea) Medium Bass, tenor, trumpet, piano
Waltz for Duke (Alan Hare) Medium jazz Features alto & trumpet, Nice ensemble piece
Watching the Traffic Lights Change (Adrian Bullers) Bright shuffle Tenor, trumpet
Water Babies, the (Paul Higgs) Slow rock Trombone & flügel
We Care For You (Dick Walter) Slow ballad Alto
While the Cat's Away (Mike Sheppard) Medium Flügel
Who Cares (Gershwin, arr. Steve Gray) Medium Trumpet, trombone
Whole Thing, the (Brian Priestley) Slow ballad Flügel, alto
Who Wray (Alan Hare) Bright Trombone feature
Willow Green Willow (Ronnie Ross, arr. Mark Bassey) Slow ballad Baritone
Will Ye No Come Back Again (arr. Steve Gray) Slow ballad Alto, written solo
Winter Wail (John Dankworth) Medium swing V. easy. All written.
Winter Wonderland (Barnard:Smith, arr. Matt O'Regan) Medium Piano (or vocal)
With An Open Mind (Terry Cathrine) Slow ballad Cld feat. solo tnr, flgl, bari, alto
With One Voice (Steve Titchener) (formerly One Tree Hill) Slow ballad Tenor or flügel feature
With You In Mind (Ken Gibson, Jeff Howlett) Sl. Basie-style swing Tenor, piano; written solos
Woody (Harry South) Bright 4 Brothers sound
Wow! (Brian Harrison) Rock Tenor
Yessica (Chris Smith) Medium swing Flügel & trumpet
YHB (Gerry Smith) Bright swinger, 'rhythm'seq. Features tnr, tbn. Int. sax solo
Young's Makes Me Feel You So (Alec Gould) (Tribute to Nelson Riddle & Young's Brewery) Medium swing Features 2 flugels

Vocal Series

Accident Prone (Bill Ashton, arr. Chris Smith) Medium
Another Always (Tony Charlesworth, Bill Ashton, arr. Chris Smith) Medium swing
As Long As There Are Summers (Bruce Baxter, John Gummer, arr. Paul Hart) Bright Latin in F or Eb
Be Gentle (Alec Gould, Chris Denmead) Slow rock
Big Girl Now (John Clark, Chris Denmead) Bossa/slow
Blue Afternoons (Rupert Wates) Waltz Ballad, Trumpet, vocal
Blues to You Too (Jacqui Hicks, Steve Hill) Medium, guitar
But Me No Buts (David Lindup, Bill Ashton) Medium swing
Castles in Spain (Paul Higgs, Derek Pascoe) Bright Latin
Deflated Bounce (Brian Cooper, Maggie Nichols, Bill Ashton, arr. Chris Smith) Jazz waltz
Don't Go to Him/Her (Bill Ashton, arr. Chris Smith) Very fast
Don't Try & Argue with Me (Bill Ashton, Alec Gould) (Scored for guitar, bass, drums & 5 trombones, with full score) Slow ballad
Early Morning Train (Long and Steel) Slow rock, Tenor
East of the Sun (Bowman, arr. John Clark) Medium-up, M or F vocal, tenor
Fly to Me (Chris Denmead, Gerry Collins, arr. Chris Smith) Bossa
Funny That Way (Moret: Whiting arr. M O'Regan) Medium shuffle, Trumpet
Gas Bag Blues (Ashton, Langton, Hare) Medium-up shuffle (M or F)
Girl Can't Grumble, a (Peter Atkins, Clive James, arr. Bob Leaper) Bright jazz waltz
Give Up (Bill Ashton) Bright, Alto solo
Go Way From Here (Jack Long) Br. shuffle, male vocal
Haven't We Love? (Rudge: Sammes arr. M Williams) Slow rock, Alto
Heat of the Moment, the (Bill Ashton, Dick Walter) Very fast
Here & Now (Bill Ashton, arr. Gareth Lockrane) Medium-up, Tenor
Holiday Affair (Ashton, Denmead, Gould) Slow bossa, flute
How Can You Believe in Love? (Tim Colwell) Slow, Trumpet solo
If You Should Change Your Mind (Bill Ashton, arr. Martin Williams) Bright, Alto (or scat vocal) solo
I Have Been Here Before (Alec Gould, Chris Denmead, Bill Ashton) Ballad
I'll Wait Here (Alec Gould, Howard Kennett) Slow rock
Insignificant Song (John Clark, Chris Denmead) Medium swing
It Feels Like I'm Falling in Love (Jacqui Hicks arr J Daniels) Medium jazz waltz, Trumpet
I Thought I Was Through With Love (Mike Yorke, Bill Ashton, arr. Paul Higgs) Reggae/swing
It's My Chance To Get Even (Dick Walter, Chris Denmead, arr. Chris Smith) Medium
It's Up To You (Dick Walter, Chris Denmead, arr. Chris Smith) Bright, trumpet solo
I Was Hoping (Bill Ashton, arr. John Clark) Bright, 2 tpts, 3 tbns, 5 saxes
I Wasn't Looking for Love (Ashton: Denmead arr. J Clark) Medium-up, Tenor
I Wasn't Looking for a Love Affair (Long, Ashton, Crawford, arr. Jack Long) Medium bossa nova
I Wish You Were Here (Gibbs, Beales, arr. G Lockrane) Medium-slow, Piano
Just a Breath Away (Jacqui Hicks, arr. Steve Hill) Slow rock
Keep It Simple (Ashton: Parry arr. Parry) Medium-up. Trumpet
Lady Can Tell, a (Dick Walter, Chris Denmead) Medium, 2 tpts, 3 tbns, 5 saxes + rhythm
Leaving Here (Peter Sykes, arr. Rick Taylor) Bright Latin 3/4
Let the Loving Begin (Mike Sammes, Myles Rudge, arr. Mark Bassey) Jazz waltz
London (Bill Ashton, arr. Chris Smith) Medium, Male vocal
Looking Back (Derek Goom, Bill Ashton, arr. Nightingale) Slow ballad (incl. big band soli)
Looking Forward (Bill Ashton, arr. Mark Bassey) Bright Latin
Memory of You, the (Kenny Clayton arr. Williams) Medium Bossa, Tnr or tpt
Much Too Much (Bill Ashton, arr. Chris Smith) Medium
New in London (Bill Ashton, arr. Mark Nightingale) Slow blues
Nobody Knows You (Bill Ashton / J Cox, arr. G Lockrane) Slow 12/8, trombone
Nobody's Perfect (Bill Ashton, arr. Phil Steel) Medium, tbn
No Flowers by Request (Bill Ashton, arr. Chris Smith) (Can be played with just tenor & rhythm, or full band) Very slow ballad
Nothing's For Ever (Lamont, Denmead arr. Phil Steel) Slow jazz waltz, Baritone
No Way (Dick Walter, Chris Denmead, arr. Steve Hill) Latin, Medium
Rose Room (Mark Armstrong/Bill Ashton/Art Hickman) Medium-up, trombone
Shades of Blue & Green (Paul Higgs, Derek Pascoe) Medium slow rock
Shadow of Doubt (John Dixon, Bill Ashton) Bright swing
Someone (Bill Ashton, arr. Mark Nightingale) Medium
Song to Sing By, a (Alec Gould, Lyrics Howard Kennett, arr. Mark Bassey) Medium swing
Stop Kidding Yourself (Bill Ashton) Bright, 5 trombones, piano
That's That (Tony Faulkner, Bill Ashton, arr. Mark Bassey) Medium
Things Are Gonna Be Diff'rent Now (Walter, Long, Kitchen arr. Steve Hill) Medium swing, tnr, tbn
Time & Again & Again (Tim Colwell, arr. Steve Hill) Bright swing
Times Were (Ashton: Denmead arr. Armstrong) Bright Latin, Flügel
Too Late (Alec Gould, Christine Denmead) Slow ballad
Too Much Too Soon (Tim Colwell, arr. Chris Smith) Bright Latin
Wait & See (Bill Ashton, Dennis Ogden)  
1. arr. Alec Gould Bright Latin, optional parts for 5 pt harmony vocal group
2. arr. Paul Higgs Medium bossa
Way With Words, a (Steve Gray, Bill Ashton) Slow, flügel solo
We're Part of Autumn (Duncan Lamont, Tim Colwell) Slow, Flügel
When I'm With You (Bill Ashton, arr. Alec Gould) Medium, tbn
Where Is the Music? (Jack Long, Keith Kitchen, arr. Chris Smith) Slow rock ballad, alto
Who Stepped on my Dream? (Tim Colwell) Swing, trumpet or alto
Who's Blue? (Bill Ashton, Chris Denmead, arr. Martin Williams) Very fast, Alto, tpt
Why Don't They Write Songs Like This Any More? (Bill Ashton, Pete Atkin, arr. C. Smith) Medium swing
Why Do You Cry? (Anita Wardell arr. M O'Regan) Very slow, Flügel
With You In Mind (Ken Gibson, Jeff Howlett, arr. Paul Higgs) Slow
You'd Think I'd Learn (Bill Ashton, Chris Denmead) Medium-up, Alto
You Stepped On My Dream (Bill Ashton, Tim Colwell, arr. John Clark) Bright, reduced big band
You Were Marvellous Darling (Bill Ashton, arr. John Clark) Slow ballad, tenor solo
Zing Went the Strings of my Heart (Hanley/Ashton arr. Brian Pendlton) Bright