All arrangements cost £25. Big Band Series A charts are, on the whole, less demanding than Series B and offer an ideal starting point for bands to build up a varied repertoire.

Easy or Moderately Easy

Amazing Grace (arr. Adrian Drover) Jazz Waltz Alto or baritone
Amethyst (David Lindup) Slow Flügel and piano, written solo
Ballad for Trumpet (Keith Mansfield) Slow All written, very easy
Cruisin' (Bob Cranham) Rock Alto, trombone
Cucina (John Williams) Bossa Flügel, alto
Doghouse (Brian Harrison) Blues March tempo Tenor, alto
Drink Tolly Only (Bob Leaper) Slow Ballad Alto feature
Early Morning Train (Jack Long) Slow Rock Ballad Alto (could be vocal)
Feeling Good (Dick Walter) Medium Swing Piano solo
Just a Little More (Dick Walter) Medium Swing All written
Little Brown Jug (John Dankworth) Bright Rock Tenor solo
Macho Mexicano (Graham Lyons) Slow Rock All written
Moon Flight (Graham Lyons) Slow Latin Flügel
Negev (Sam Fendrich) Slow Flügel, alto
Now I Hear You (Ray Davies) Slow 12/8 Flügel, organ
Passion Eyes (Jim Bethea) Slow Ballad Alto, all written
Seaside (Bill McGuffie) Slow Miller voiced/all written
Song for An Autumn Day (Alec Gould) Slow Ballad Sax section feature, all written
Spaghetti Junction (Art Lester) Medium Blues Tenor, trumpet
Taliesin (Osian Roberts)    
Threshing Machine (Ken Gibson) Very Slow Blues Alto feature
Too Late (Alec Gould) Slow Ballad Features trombone section
With You in Mind (Ken Gibson) Slow Swing Written solo, piano, tenor

Stanza General

And Upon This Rock (Mike Gibbs) Slow Rock Soprano
Atropus (Mike Page) Bossa Tenor
Back Home (David Lindup) Medium Tenor, trumpet
Black Velvet (Alec Gould) Slow Trombone feature, transcribed
Blues for Tony (Dave Perrottet) Slow Rock Trumpet, tenor
Cookie (Alan Seymour) Slow then Fast Solos for all optional
Crazy Life (Brian Cooper) Slow Blues Trombone feature
Cuban Thing (Glyn Thomas arr. C Smith) Medium Latin Tenor, guitar, drums
Dollying at John's (Keith Mansfield) Slow Jazz Waltz Tenor, trombone
El Blokko (David Gold) Jazz Waltz/Fast Trombone, trumpet, tenor
Eleven Years After (Alan Downey) Bright Rock Organ/piano
Evenutally Yours (Ken Wheeler) Sl. Bossa/Fast Rock Trombone, all written
Groover, the (Alan Berry) Medium Tenor, trumpet
Holland Walk (John C Williams) Slow and Fast Flügel, tenor, piano
Last Will & Testament (Long, Burch) Fastish Dual parts, vocal or instrumental
Legs Eleven (John Cameron) Bright 11/8 Tenor, alto
Midsummer Dawn (Dave Lindup) Slow Mostly written
No Room at the Innes (Don Innes) Fatish Tenor, trombone, flügel
Shades of Blue (Neil Ardley) Slow Flügel, Ian Carr's solo
Yesterday's Blues Today (Alan Hare) Slow blues Trumpet