SaxSection Plus Vocal Arrangements

Another Always (Tony Charlesworth, Bill Ashton, arr. Chris Smith) Bright swing
Way With Words, a (Steve Gray, Bill Ashton) Slow Latin
Deflated Bounce, the (Brian Cooper, Maggie Nichols, Bill Ashton, arr. Chris Smith) Jazz waltz
Don't Try & Argue with Me (Bill Ashton, Alec Gould) Slow ballad
Fly to Me (Chris Denmead, Gerry Collins, arr. Chris Smith) Bossa
Girl Can't Grumble, a (Peter Atkins, Clive James, arr. Bob Leaper) Bright jazz waltz
Go Way From Here (Jack Long) Br. shuffle, male vocal
I Have Been Here Before (Alec Gould, Chris Denmead, Bill Ashton) Ballad
I'll Wait Here (Alec Gould, Howard Kennett) Slow rock
Isn't It Spring Again? (Tim Colwell, arr. Paul Higgs) Bossa nova
It's Over (Bill Ashton, arr. Mark Nightingale) Slow ballad
Lady Can Tell, a (Chris Denmead:Dick Walter) Medium swing
*Looking Back (Bill Ashton, Derek Goom, arr. Mark Nightingal) Slow ballad
Looking Forward (Bill Ashton, arr. Mark Bassey) Bright Latin
Much Too Much (Bill Ashton, arr. Chris Smith) Medium
No Flowers by Request (Bill Ashton, arr. Paul Hart) (tenor & rhythm only) Very slow ballad
Over & Over Again (Bill Ashton: Dick Walter arr. Gareth Lockrane) Medium-up swing
Time & Again & Again (Tim Colwell, arr. Steve Hill) Bright swing
Wait & See (Bill Ashton, Dennis Ogden, arr. Paul Higgs) Medium bossa
Where Is the Music? (Jack Long, Keith Kitchen, arr. Chris Smith, adapted Mark Bassey) Slow rock
Who Stepped On My Dream (Bill Ashton, Tim Colwell, arr. John Clark) Bright
You Were Marvellous Darling (Bill Ashton, arr. John Clark) Slow ballad