All arrangements cost £25 unless otherwise stated.

Arrangements are scored for 5 trumpets, 5 trombones, 5 saxophones, 4 rhythm.

Most also have flute, french horn (optional)

Most have lead sheets, but where no lead sheet exists, it is always possible to purchase full scores.

Abbey Gale (Evan Jolly) Bright Latin Flute (or gtr), tpt, perc.
Adeste Fideles (arr. Ed Barker) Bright
Apple Cider (Evan Jolly) Bright Piano
Banana Boat (Robbie Robson) Medium-up Tbn solo, tbn section
Coming Home (Robbie Robson) Medium Tenor, guitar
Deep & Crisp & Even (Evan Jolly) Medium Up Gospel Piano
For the One Who Knows (Henry Collins) Ballad Alto
Full Stretch (Mark Armstrong) Bright blues Trumpet, baritone
God Rest You Merry Gentlemen (Mark Armstrong)
Issues (Rupert Widows) ¾ Flute
Joint is Jumping, the (Bob Dowell) Medium-up swing Piano, tenor, trumpet
Keepin’ Out of Mischief Now (Evan Jolly) Slowish Tenor (lengthy solo)
Man I Love, the (Mark Armstrong) Very bright Alt, tnr, tpt, tbn, drums
Out of the Woods (Evan Jolly) Bright Alto (orch. Verion of Phil Woods’ solo)
Rocking Carrol (Evan Jolly) Medium
Two ? Marvellous ! (Evan Jolly) Brightish Tbn, baritone
When You’re Ready (Evan Jolly) Medium-up Tenor, trumpet

Vocals (Male marked MV)

Beautiful Ohio (Evan Jolly) Duet Bossa Guitar
Chicago (Evan Jolly) MV Bright Tenor
Follow the Van (Bob Dowell) Bright Tenor
Funny That Way (Evan Jolly; Bill Ashton) MV Medium Trumpet
Ida (Bill Ashton) MV Medium Trombone
Mountains (Steve Gray) Slow 3/4 Flugelhorn
Morning Glories (Bill Ashton) MV Med shuffle boogie Tbn, tnf
Nothing Could Be Finer (Joe Stilgoe) MV
Sidewalks of New York (Evan Jolly) MV Jazz waltz Piano, alto
Rose Room (Bill Ashton) MV Medium No solos
Somebody Stole My Gal (Bill Ashton) MV Medium Trumpet