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Web Sites for Music Publishers from only £180.00 per annum

Text of a recent mailing to publishers and others in the printed music business.

By now you will be aware of how important the Internet (and in particular the World Wide Web) is becoming. Every sphere of human activity has started to benefit from the global exchange of ideas and information. Our own world of music publishing is well represented on the World Wide Web; all the major publishers (and many smaller ones) now have their own 'sites' to promote and publicise their activities, and in some cases to actually sell their products directly to the public. Currently over 4 million people in the UK (around 20 million in Europe as whole and up to 80 million world wide) make regular use of the Internet. Our experience shows that the demographic profile of these users corresponds very closely to that of 'consumers' of printed music and other 'classical' music products.

Until now, setting up a Web Site has been a complex and expensive operation, despite the advantages that being 'on the Internet' gives to music publishers and their customers. We have been setting up such sites for nearly two years and we are now able to offer an effective, inexpensive and straight forward solution. A new Internet 'domain', called Printed Music Worldwide, is being established which is devoted specifically to 'hosting' sites related to music publishing (this includes publishers, self-publishing composers, music engravers, distributors etc.). Performers, ensembles and agents are catered for on our Classical Artists Worldwide domain, which has proved to be a great success.

We are offering a website on UK Printed Music from only £180.00 per annum. This includes:

The Printed MusicWorldwide domain will be widely publicised both through the establishment of links to other related Internet sites and press editorial and advertising coverage.

We believe that this offers exceptional value for money in comparison to other forms of advertising and promotion. Unlike printed material web pages can be changed at any time, and our service includes monthly updating and changes in accordance with you requirements. Even if you don't already have an e-mail account (or even a computer!) we can establish a 'virtual' e-mail address.You can quote this address in correspondence, advertising etc. along with the address of your web site. Any messages received will be forwarded to you by fax or post.

As part of our routine management of clients' web sites we submit details of new sites to all the 'search engines' (the means whereby people find things on the Internet) and arrange links on other specialist sites. Our activities have already led to interest from both the specialist music and computer press and Press Releases detailing new sites are regularly circulated. By including details of your web site in communications with your clients you will be able to ensure that they can get the latest information about your publications while you benefit from the prestige of having your own site.

If you are interested in taking up the offer of a site on the Printed Music Worldwide domain, please phone, write or e-mail for more details and to arrange to discuss how you can benefit. We realise that although most people find the development of the Internet important and fascinating, many are still quite baffled. Please feel free to call at any time to discuss this new technology - no question is regarded as too elementary or too complex to be given a complete and clear answer.

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